Travel Reviews

Travel Reviews

You might ask; What is abitofextra? Well, to me it’s those individuals who go “above and beyond” and provide “abitofextra!” My vision for this blog is to give a “shout out” to those who have made my life better while traveling throughout the globe. For instance, I saw this very cool travel reviews website recently, where they mentioned one of my favorite hotels as well as one of my favorite concierge’s named Craig. Having traveled the world over, I can tell you that people like Craig are worth their weight in gold or hotel reward points!

When you travel as much as I do, having a genuine caring person to welcome you is always a plus. Front desk staff can make or break you, especially after a long day. Even though I love traveling, the business side of it sometimes makes me weary. When you check into your room and gain your second wind, its time to take advantage of the frequent traveler perks such as access to the concierge floor amenities.

Some concierge floors are great and really some suck! This website will focus on the positive experiences unless someone really needs to be called out! What sets a good concierge apart from others? For starters when the individual remembers your name and particular likes. An added plus is when they have a cold beer (or beverage of choice) in your hands shortly after entering the concierge lounge. This is what I mean by “abitofextra!”

Additionally, my plan for this blog is to give these people who have made a positive impact on my travels a permanent and public “Thank You” via the world wide web. I usually fill out those pesky post hotel stay surveys but, always wonder if they ever actually reach the intended recipient. One thing for sure is that I can thank them on this blog/website and they can show their family and friends their name in lights, not actually real lights but, a honest fact based website to applaud their efforts!

I also plan on giving travel reviews to business and individuals in related fields, i.e. airlines, rental car counters, tours, etc. Pretty much any thing travel related. Special thanks to everyone who ends up on this blog page as a recipient or regular reader. Now, let’s push the applause button as a test. I need to make sure it works for the next travel news and travel reviews update!

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