About Janet

I’ve grown a business from $500,000 to $1,000,000 annual revenue. I’ve managed 32 employees. I’ve raised 4 teenagers into productive human beings. That’s 4 individual births within 5 years’ time.  So, when I say “4 teenagers” I mean 4 humans who were all teenagers at the same time. I co-parent with my ex like nobody’s business. My kids have never had a Christmas morning without both of their parents around the same Christmas tree. I love clothing and swimming suits and pajamas and shoes and jewelry and accessories and lotions and potions. 

But I have never owned or operated a clothing boutique. I fully expect to make mistakes: have too little inventory, have too much inventory, not stock the right sizes, etc.  But only at first. We’re going to grow this boutique into something wildly fun and satisfying. Your job is to try on everything that you’re attracted to, then let me know where I succeeded and missed the mark. And my job is to keep doing what I’m doing well and get better at what I’m not. 

As much as I fully expect to make short term mistakes, I also fully expect our long term success. 

Determined-ly me,  Janet

A Bit of Extra Boutique
Thrilled to be creating opportunities for women to
wear their attitudes on their sleeves