The Story of My Antique Chandelier Earrings

After a particularly harrowing and traumatic experience, my oldest daughter and I were very deliberately on a retail therapy outing. We ended up in an antique store. Through the glass display case I saw a pair of three-tier, pink crystal, antique, chandelier earrings. They were beautiful.  And spoke to me.  I asked if I could hold them. The price tag said they were expensive, and I had no business buying them. But they were beautiful. And spoke to me. I desperately wanted to be able to justify this purchase.

I’m sure the woman behind the counter could see me wrestling with myself. I looked up at her. Almost in a plea I absently asked, “Where will I ever wear these?” She very simply and naturally replied, “To the market.” For whatever reason that very practical answer made complete sense to me.

I bought the earrings.

The very next day I wore them to the market.  They were a stunning compliment to my sweatpants. 

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