How The Boutique Was Born

While my daughter was recovering from her second back surgery, she and I had nothing to do but hang out on my bed.

I was mindlessly scrolling through social media when I saw a skirt I instantly fell in love with.  It was long and colorful and unique.  I WANTED IT.  But I had ordered off unknown sites enough times to know that when the skirt arrived “just for me, from far, faraway lands!” that it would hold little to no resemblance of the picture I was looking at. It would be without quality, and I would have no way to return it.  I was sad.  And then my head said, “You’ll just have to do it yourself!”

Nine months previous I had resigned from a job I had loved with my whole heart and soul and hadn’t found anything since that made me feel fire.  But when I heard, “You’ll just have to do it yourself!” I. LIT. UP. 

My vision is to create an experience where you can come into the boutique, touch the clothes, try them on and “bond with it” (as my girlfriend Michelle would say) and know that the item you’re falling in love with is the same item you’re going to get to take home to add to your Favorites Collection.

When you come into A Bit of Extra Boutique, I want you to feel like you just walked into your best friend’s house and leave with your attitude, literally, on your sleeve.

I can’t wait to meet you,
A Bit of Extra Boutique
Treasures you may not need, but certainly must have!

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