The Story of My House Slippers

I used to imagine walking around my house in those feathery high heels.  You’ve seen the kind.  In the movies, you know. 

I moved into my Dream Home in January of 2023 and in anticipation, I bought them.  In two colors.  Good grief.  Sometimes getting older hurts. Literally. I feel like I missed my high heel years.  I just couldn’t do it. 

Well, in September 2023 I was on a trip to LA sourcing for the boutique. I’d always said the boutique would never carry shoes.  Too many skus & not enough space.  Well.  Never say never. Not only did I find the most magnificent collection of shoes to complete my Winter & Spring Line Outfits, you guessed it… House Slippers.  The much more “practical” kind.  😉

Catch me at home in my feather house slippers.  Or better yet, come to A Bit of Extra to get your own.

Because I can,
A Bit of Extra Boutique
Treasures you may not need, but certainly must have!

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