The Story of My Sequin Joggers

At my bridal shower in June of 2019 my dear friend gave me a pair of pink, sequin joggers.  OH. MY. WORD!  I loved them soo much. 

Two years later I went to Market to source product for the boutique.  I was bound and determined and (once again) tickled PINK to find a vendor for sequin joggers! And now, “those babies” (hello Lisa!) are not only a signature item, but also a STAPLE!

You can find sequin joggers in the boutique year-round.  My favorite way to wear them is ANY day of the week, to ANY location, with my tennis shoes and a graphic tee. Of course, you can also wear them with silky tops and strappy sandals for a more dressy look.  They are available in multiple colors, are fully lined and HAVE POCKETS. 

If you haven’t tried them on, really, you should.  I think you’ll be surprised at just how comfy those dang things really are!

If we can flood the everyday streets with black athletic leggings, there’s absolutely no reason we can’t flood the streets with everyday sequin joggers!  Are you with me?!

Giving women the opportunity to wear their attitudes on their sleeves.  Or in this case, on their legs 😉

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